Hihimanu Koa Earrings

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Hihimanu Koa Earrings specially designed for the KS Class of 2020. The stingrays of Hawaiian Island waters gracefully patrols, sharing beauty and elegance.

Hihimanu or Hawaiian stingrays thrive in sandy areas along the coastlines of the Hawaiian Islands. The broad stingray, scientifically named as Dasyatis Lata, is commonly known as the brown stingray or Hawaiian stingray. The predominant species found around the Hawaiian islands, the Hawaiian stingray is identified as having a short tail.

The Hawaiian stingray is white on the bottom while the top ranges from olive to brown. They grow to around three feet wide with a diamond-shaped pectoral fin disc. Hawaiian stingrays have rounded, protruding snouts and a long tail with a ventral fin fold.

Hawaiian stingrays prefer coastal bays that have silt or muddy bay bottoms. Hawaiian stingrays forage for food at depths greater than 50 feet (15 m) where they feed on bottom-dwelling crustaceans, worms, and small bony fishes that are active at night. During the day Hawaiian stingrays spending most of their time lying half-buried on the ocean floor. While snorkeling or diving, you may become aware of the presence of large craters and pits in the sand. These can be signs that Hawaiian stingrays may have created sand pits as they excavate for buried prey.