Goddess of fine mist, dead fires, and of desolation. She dresses Poli‘ahu’s hair so that it is soft and fine, and floats like a cloud about her. She was married to Nana-nu‘u, the mortal who survived the great flood, and made his home in a cave high on the slopes of Mauna Kea. The name also is identified with a woman of Ka‘ū who married a Waimea, Kohala chief named Kūkahau‘ula. Limited Edition while supplies last. This occurrence of grain pattern is lovely and a subtle reminder that sometimes when we look at

Mauna, Lilinoe Koa Earrings

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Koa Earrings, Mauna design, Lilinoe the mist that blankets the lower portion of Mauna Kea.

Designed with a limited supply of our islands' finest grade, hand selected Koa. The findings are gold filled.