'Ulu Maika Koa Earrings

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'Ulu in Hawaiian means to grow, increase, spread, and is said to have inspired the game known as 'Ulu Maika. 'Ulu Maika is very similar to bowling. Instead of pins, two stakes are used. A disc-shaped stone in place of a striking bowling ball. The goal is to roll the stone between the stakes that are set in the ground a few inches apart.

’Ulu is known as breadfruit and is local produce found on the Hawaiian Islands. Breadfruit can also be found in the Caribbean, South Asia, and all over Polynesia. 'Ulu is nutritious. It can be prepared either as a fruit or a vegetable. 'Ulu can be roasted and resembles baked bread. As a ripened fruit, 'ulu has a soft, pudding-like texture similar to custard.

The Ulu Maika is made of the finest reclaimed Hawaiian koa hardwood grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.