About Us - The Jeff Gomes Gallery


Visit Hawaii And Meet Hawaiian Koa Wood Master Craftsman Jeff Gomes

For beautiful and prized koa wood crafts created by Hawaiian Master Craftsman, Big Island Artist, and Musical Talent, Jeff Gomes, visit his gallery. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the small sugarcane town of Keaau, just outside of Hilo, visiting The Jeff Gomes Gallery is a unique and authentic experience into Hawaii's rich culture and heritage. You will find throughout Jeff's gallery carefully, handcrafted koa wood gifts that would be a gorgeous and priceless addition to any Hawaiian heirloom collection.


Experience The Beauty And Elegance Of Koa Hardwood Crafts

The gallery displays numerous koa hardwood furniture and handcrafted gift items such as beautiful koa frames, priceless koa photo albums, elegant koa earrings, elegant yet affordable koa bookmarks along with many other Hawaiian wood pieces. Koa cannot be found anywhere else on the earth! Bring the warmth of the Aloha Experience back home with a piece of the Hawaiian culture from The Jeff Gomes Gallery to share with your friends and family. Please don't forget to treat yourself first! Koa boxes and earrings are just a tiny sample of what you can find at Jeff's koa wood gallery!

Jeff's passion and skill in creating unique koa wood experiences have developed into rich relationships with people from every corner of the world. The unique, endemic species of Hawaii's prized tropical koa hardwood is desired for its spectacularly, amazing range of colors combined through skilled hands and eyes of a master craftsman to capture the essence of koa's three-dimensional brilliance.

Like master jewelers working to enhance the natural luminescence of gemstones, Jeff's master craftsmanship brings out the natural beauty of koa. Bring the warmth of the Aloha Experience back home with your special koa wood piece of the Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiian Islands.

Aloha and enjoy The Jeff Gomes Gallery Experience.