Lehua Koa Earrings

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Presenting our Lehua koa wood earrings made of the finest reclaimed Hawaiian koa hardwood, grown and milled on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our Lehua koa wood earrings are beautifully handcrafted with gold-filled findings.

The Hawaiian legend of two lovers who were separated and reunited for eternity is a common story told in many cultures not only throughout the Pacific Polynesian islands but throughout the world. The legend tells of the fire goddess Pele who met a handsome Hawaiian warrior named Ohia. Pele was so swoon buy his beautifully masculine stature that the goddess asked the handsome warrior to join her in marriage. Unfortunately, the humbled warrior graciously declined the goddess offer for he had already pledged his heart and love to his ku'uipo, sweetheart, named Lehua. The fire goddess Pele was enraged by the refusal of her generous marriage proposal that the infuriated Pele turned the warrior Ohia into a twisted tree.

When the sweet and tender Lehua learned of the fate of her true love Ohia, she was heartbroken. All the other great gods took notice of Lehua's sadness and took pity on Lehua. They decided it was an injustice how the fire goddess Pele had prevented the true love of Ohia and Lehua. They thus turned Lehua into a beautiful flower blossom on the Ohia tree so that the two lovers would be together for all eternity.

Thus, remember the Hawaiian legend of the Ohia tree and the Lehua blossom, for if you remove the beautiful flower from the tree you are causing sadness in separating true love resulting in a day to rain.