Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses Linked to Mauna O Wakea

This is a list of the Polynesian Gods and Goddesses linked to the dormant volcano Mauna O Wakea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

1. Wakea-Sky Father who mated with Papa to give birth to any or all the island children. Mauna Kea is famous among numerous Hawaiians as Mauna O Wakea or Ka Mauna A Kea (Wakea's Mountain) or Da Mauna. View our original Da Mauna Koa Earrings.

2. Papa Hanau Moku (Haumea) Mother Earth, the divine feminine who gave birth to islands. Papa and Wakea will be the progenitors of the Hawaiian people.

3. Poli`ahu-Goddess of Mauna O Wakea (today often called Mauna Kea), she is the goddess of snow, ice, and cold. The summit of Mauna Loa is also hers, though she occasionally really has arguments with Pele regarding that mountain. She is the eldest daughter of Kane. Her younger sisters are her ladies in waiting. Many men have pursued her. View our Poli`ahu Nui and Poli`ahu Li`i Koa Earrings.

4. Lilinoe-She is the goddess of fine mist. She is also the goddess of Haleakala, of dead fires, and of desolation. She dresses Poli`ahu's hair so that it is soft and fine, and floats just like a cloud about her. View our Lilinoe Nui and Lilinoe Li`i Koa Earrings.

5. Wai`au-Is the guardian of the lake, which bears her name. She bathes Poli`ahu, and refreshes her drinking gourd with sweet water, which she can fetch by utilizing her bird form to fly from destination for a place.

6. Kahoupokane-She is the goddess of Hualalai, and a master kapa maker. When the heavy rains result from the mountains, she's throwing water on her kapa as she beats it. When thunder rolls, that is the sound of beating the kapa. The flash of lightning is when she flips the bright new kapa to beat another side. The morning after the storm, her kapa can be seen drying on the mountains, shining in the sunlight. On a warm day, if you have thunder and a superb misty rain, but no clouds, you understand she's pounding their summer garments.

7. Lea-Goddess of canoe building certainly one of her kinolau (body form) is Elepai`o-A little forest bird that guides to the correct tree for cutting down. Warns of the tree being bad by landing on the tree and pecking about it, showing the wood is damaged or bugs in the tree.

8. La`amaomao-Goddess of the winds that may be called upon to guide individuals on their journeys.

9. Kukahau`ula-The god Ku of the red-hued dew. A man deity and lover of Poli`ahu.

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