Alaia Koa Earrings

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Presenting our Alaia Koa Earrings made of the finest reclaimed Hawaiian koa hardwood grown and milled on the slopes of Mauna Kea here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our Hawaiian ancestors invented surfing. Really! It's 100% true! They rode these round-nosed, square-tailed surfboards. The boards were between 7 and 12 ft (2.1 and 3.7 m) long, weighed up to 100 lb (45 kg), and were generally made from the wood of Acacia koa. We honor those who braved the surf without a leash and offer our rendition in this earring.

The 'olo and alaia are two traditional Hawaiian surfboard designs, and the initial two surfboards ever constructed in the Hawaiian archipelago. The 'olo surfboards were saved for Hawaiian bosses and the ancient Hawaiian royal class.  Surfing as the “sport of kings” comes from stand-up surfing by the royalty of Hawaii surfing on the long 'olo surfboards. The alaia surfboards were for the ordinary people. The 'olo surfboards are long and limited in availability, and used to ride tenderly inclining waves. This is the traditional Waikiki Beach Boys surfboard where you can hang-ten (of your toes of the front edge of the surfboard). Alaia surfboards are short and slim, used to ride quicker breaking waves. The surfboards were ordinarily made out of koa hardwood, ulu, and wili-wili (a light-weight Hawaiian balsa) wood, and are valued Hawaiian artifacts found in museums today.

There is a rich Hawaiian culture of riding that goes back to when Polynesians utilized the stars to explore the vast Pacific Ocean, discover the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago, and make Hawaii their home. Captain Cook in the last century found Hawaii, witnessed the native Hawaiian people riding 'olo and alaia surfboards in the surf breaks. This is the first archived event of surfboard use and has grown into the extremely rich culture and way of life worldwide.